Friday, March 13, 2009

and she is aliiiiveeeee

Did you miss me?? I certainly missed you all.

I have failed you, oh blog followers. I entice you with morsels of lovely upcycled goodness, only to let you down by not posting. I am an evil Blogger.. BAD BAD JUPITA!!

Apologies all around.

Now to the good stuff!

I know you all have always wanted to lather yourself up with sone JUPITA! Well, now is your golden opportunity. If you wander over to you will find THE JUPITA! A deliciously sudsy creation of caramel macchiato delightfulness.

Heathenshearth's Misty and Amy are busy waging war on each other. In the midst of it all, they have begun creating a line of ETSY Inspired soaps. Clemartdesign, Doubledippedsweets, Jupita, and many many more are available for your bathing pleasure!

In other Upcycled Gift Card News...

I have taken a page from Heathenshearth's book and started my own line of Etsy Inspired pieces. The MISTY and The AMY are the two masterminds behind heathenshearth, embodied in these unique upcycled gift card bracelets. PINK and girly for Misty.. Black and Mysterious for Amy. The Clem, was inspired by Clemartdesign.Etsy.Com and her spunkiness! There will be more to come.. I promise.




If you are ineterested in any of the pieces you see here, or a custom piece, please come visit me at
More to come!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Cloth Paper Scissors

So, I bet you are thinking:
"Self, what IS Cloth Paper Scissors magazine?"

Well, it is a publication that gives tips, how tos, introductions, information, and much much more about paper crafting, mixed media, artists, and more!!

Last month, I was contacted by the Editor-in-Chief about adding a tiny blurb about Jupita.Etsy.Com and my upcycled FUN(ky) items. I was honored and excited!

What artist doesnt want to be "found" and given exposure.. for FREE???

Well, there is my Blurb. A cute pic and my website!! AWESOME!!!