Friday, January 9, 2009

Another addition to the list of internet accounts that I must check daily!!

Maybe one day, I will stop adding to my list of blogs, emails, groups. Until the day comes, welcome to my new BLOG!

Contents: Etsy Findings!

What kind of "Etsy Promotion Blog" would be devoid of a post about the blog owners shop? A really awesome one! (Luckily, you have stumbled into the NON-AWESOME world of my blog.)

Now, since I have warned you all, here is my shameless promotion.

Who am I?

I am Jennifer! Stay at home mom of four. Artist. Wanderer. Dreamer. Short Order Cook. A little crazy. A tad bit goofy. I am a collector of random things. I love to create. I recycle items into fun(ky) things. I am a lover. I am JUPITA!

What is up with your shop?

Well, my shop is full of awesome! Starbucks cards, that are headed towards the circular filing cabinet of doom, come to me to find new life! I repurpose them into Bracelets, Bags, Necklaces, Keychains, Boxes and many other fun items.

Creating some FUN(ky) wearable art makes me happy. I am making art while I am helping keep waste out of the landfills!

Where can I send my old gift cards? I want them to find a new life!

I love to receive the gift cards that others would just toss aside, throw away, or leave sad and alone in their bags. They do not have to be just starbucks cards. Next time you receive a gift card, go buy yourself something nice, then send me the gift card! I will turn it into something pretty!! Or, ask your local coffee house barista to save the ones their customers are done with, then send me a whole lot!! (Address? You can send them to "Jupita" at 4542 Delta Avenue , Jacksonville, Florida, USA 32205)

Okay.. now, most important of all. Finish the following sentence:

You really should try.....

coconut curry chocolate cupcakes. They are AWESOME. If you want the recipe, message me. I'll send it to you!

Go visit!!

Okay. Done.


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